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Enyinco Agro-Industries provides a full Property and Estate Rental Management service for landlords, providing a professional service and peace of mind. Our Property Management Service is so valued by our clients that, in more than eight out of ten properties we manage, both tenants and landlords renew their agreements. And many of our corporate clients will not accommodate their employees any other way.

We also act as commission agent that acquire and manage properties for potential clients across various locations in Nigeria and beyond.


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Enyinco Agro-Industries are strategic experts in property acquisition, marketing and management. We provide agency service in the acquisition of new properties (including land, buildings, estates etc.) in target locations in Nigeria and beyond. We offer advice on the purchase/lease, sales of residential and commercial property. Having been in the property business for over 25years, we are able to understand the uniqueness of every client’s concerns and objective with regards to confidentiality. Hence, we tailor our advice and marketing strategy on the individual property disposal instruction.

We identify some of the issues to be considered before pressing the button on the property search, purchase and sales. Our role is to assist the client in making decisions on the grey aspects of property acquisition, purchase and management. We help you solve the problem of budget, size/configuration, location, IT connectivity requirements, Parking, Timescales and establishing the order of importance of these factors.


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Enyinco Agro-Industries offer a full scale property and estate rental management services for landlords, providing a professional service and peace of mind. Our property management service is so valued by tenants and landlords that in eight in ten cases we manage, both tenants and landlords renew their agreement. Our services are offered at a very competitive price

We are committed to helping you (homeowner) realize your investment goals and strive to enhance your rental value and the future market value of your property. We pay close attention to each property, and give prompt, courteous attention to everyone's needs. Our over 20 years’ experience in property management gives us the expertise in local rent structures, lease agreements, maintenance needs, and landlord/tenant laws. In order to achieve theses, we undertake extensive marketing of vacant properties, rental income control, effective maintenance, computerized accounting functions, careful tenant screening, tenant relationship, and periodic routine inspections.


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We handle the design, construction and maintenance of physical structures such as residential and commercial buildings, bridges, drainage networks, culverts, canals and landscaping etc. We have managed different projects for both private and public sector from local landlords through foreign firm. We can achieve this because our Consulting Engineers have developed expertise which covers the widest possible range of conceptual and detail design for easy fabrication, construction and installations

Strong and effective Project Management is essential to the success of any project. Our considerable experience in project management, supported by sophisticated computer facilities, enables us to provide clients with a particularly effective multi-discipline Project Management service.

We appoint a Project Manager at the start of every project and it is his responsibility to co-ordinate quality, cost, time and resources and ensures that the project is completed on time and within budget. The Project Manager will keep you fully informed on progress and cost throughout the lifecycle of the project and will ensure that any problem areas are quickly identified and resolved.

To summarize, the Enyinco Agro-Industries watchword is quite simply to “Get it done, Get it done right”.


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Enyinco Agro-Industries Nigeria Limited is a company that is committed to providing top quality products and efficient services to customers at affordable prices. With over 10 years of procurement experience, we deal with the most reputable suppliers in different industries.

With over 10 years of general procurement, Enyinco Agro-Industries Nigeria Limited offers an unparalleled level of service and industry expertise. Employing a result-oriented approach that combines global sourcing, buying power, experienced staff, and cutting-edge systems, we provide assurance in project purchasing and significant cost savings to its clients.

Our rare crop of personnel and a superb executive team comprised of professionals empowers us to provide first-rate services at a competitive pricing. Our success lies with our philosophy of creating a long term relationship with clients and partners so that the delivery of their required product according the contract becomes a seamless experience that promotes loyalty and at such generate a repeat business which creates a top notch reputation.

Enyinco Agro-Industries has worked with major private companies in Nigeria in addition to the Federal Government, States Government, and many individuals. Having handled a range of exigent international procurement projects bearing quality in mind, we are rightly positioned to undertake the purchasing needs of any project specification locally and beyond.